Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage to Home in Lebanon

This family's Lebanon residence experienced serious water damage after shower. SERVPRO of Wilson County has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential ... READ MORE

Watertown Crawlspace Encapsulation Provides a Permanent Solution to Dampness

Our SERVPRO team first pumped the standing water out of this crawlspace in a Watertown home. Since the homeowner no longer wanted any water related problems to ... READ MORE

Encapsulation Resolves Moisture Problems in Old Hickory

The Before Photo depicts a still wet and muddy soil base and cinder block walls that are damp and dirty. Our SERVPRO skilled technicians first pumped out the st... READ MORE

Lebanon Warped Flooring from Water

The standing water from a broken coupling allowed sufficient pooling water to seep into the seams of the hardwood planks and create a warping effect. SERVPRO ap... READ MORE

Water Damage – Mount Juliet Closet

Water damage to this Mount Juliet closet was the result of a plumbing leak from the floor above. The water damage was so severe to the ceiling and walls that th... READ MORE

Water and Mold Damage Remediation to a Lebanon Home Crawl Space

The standing water in this Lebanon crawl space was discovered after the extensive damage had occurred to the building elements. The saturated fiberglass batten ... READ MORE

Nashville Water damage to Residential Home

This Nashville water damage was the result of a water valve that burst. The water damaged the wood floors as well as the sub floor. As you can see, the sub floo... READ MORE

Kitchen Sink Leak & Water Damage Nashville, TN

A leak under the kitchen sink led to Nashville water damage to linoleum and a saturated sub floor. After pulling the affected materials and drying the remainder... READ MORE

Nashville Water Damage – Wet Carpet Cleanup

The water damage in this Nashville home left the carpet wet, stained, and almost ruined. SERVPRO of Wilson County was able to dry, clean, and restore the carpet... READ MORE

Nashville Flood Damage in Church Bathroom

The Nashville flood damaged bathroom of this Church was the result of broken water pipe. When the pipe broke it flooded the Church. You can see the flood damage... READ MORE