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Attics and Basements

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

water damage in a basement boots in water Know who to call when you notice a damage in your basement or attic.

The parts of our homes that change the most are attics and basements. In the summer, heat is a problem for attics. In winter, it's cold. In basements, there is always moisture and water damage from leaks. Pests live in both areas because they have lots of places to hide! This is why it’s best to know where a Water Damage Company Near me would be located to help you figure out a plan of attack after you find water damage in those locations. Here’s what you can expect to happen if you decide that fast action isn’t a priority:

Moisture Issues in the Attic

If your roof leaks, the attic will be wet. But it might not always be that simple. Attic moisture and mold could come from many things like poor ventilation or appliance issues. When there is no good ventilation, damp air is allowed to stay in the attic space which causes water vapors to saturate the pores of materials in the attic.

Furthermore, if electrical wiring is found in an attic or ceiling, shorted wires might create a fire hazard. This is why it's critical to turn off the electricity to the affected area and have an electrician check for damage.

Mold and Mildew in the Basement

Everyone's basements are prone to flooding because of their low-lying area. Water always runs from high to low ground, and this means that under the right circumstances your basement becomes an unwanted swimming pool. Some residential homes and business are more prone to this issue to other. For the one's that aren't necessarily prone to flooding, doesn't always mean you are out of the woods as sometimes there is moisture that has built up that is unseen.  In these types of cases where you can smell a damp, musty odor in your basement, it is nearly always mold or mildew related. Rusty marks or water stains around the base of walls and standing appliances can also be a sign of water damage in your basement.

Mold can grow in basements due to condensation from HVAC systems and sluggish plumbing leaks. Mold, on the other hand, might be a symptom of a larger problem. Since mold can have a serious impact on your health if you are exposed to it for too long, it's critical that you get expert help to eliminate any mold in your homes or business.

Next Steps After Attic or Basement Water Damage

If the water damage in your attic or basement was caused by heavy rainfall or a natural disaster, you can start removing it straight away. To successfully deal with water damage, you need to know what signs to look for and where to look for them. It’s also good to know that you can call SERVPRO Wilson County  Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help in such situations.

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